Monday, January 24, 2011

True Companions

Keely and Thomas will be tying the knot in a romantic sunset ceremony at Mnemba Island Zanzibar Africa on 20th/21st February 2011 and hope that as many of their friends as possible will join them to celebrate the start of their life together.

Festivities commence at 9pm GMT with the exchange of vows scheduled for 10pm. The wedding ceremony will be followed by a moonlight reception with music, fine noms and dancing until everyone is too tired to celebrate any longer.

The dress code for this event is as casual or dressy as you like, if you can dress in line with the African theme that will be fantastic.

First class transport by Google Earth Jet will be available for all guests, simply catch the jet in your own time zone. Everyone is already checked in, there is unlimited baggage allowance & the flight takes only minutes. Overnight accomodation in romantic beach lodges is also available.


  1. This sounds like so much fun. Now all was have to do is figure out the time thingy!! Not sure what GMT is or how to find what time dat is EST.

  2. Hi Mario
    Hope this helps

    9pm-1am GMT(UK) = Sunday 20 Feb 1-5pm PST / 2-6pm MST / 3-7pm CST / 4-8pm EST for our USA/Canadian buddies.

  3. And 9pm-1am GMT(UK) = Monday 10am - 2pm for our Kiwi pals.

  4. For our Aussie pals: 9pm-1am GMT(UK) = Monday21Feb: 6-10am WA/6:30-10:30am NT/7-11am QLD/7:30-11.30am SA /8am-12pm NSW/Tassie @Keely_Bobs

  5. I'm so excited about attending your wedding-I've never been to Africa before! If anyone needs additional transportation "Air Lily" is also available! Purrs & pawhugs!
    Love you two sweet doggies!
    <3 Lily

  6. BamBam and I will try our best to come. Those time zones always cause trouble!

  7. OOh it sounds beautiful! Going to be amazing!! M x x